Front End Developer Online Training from India

UI Online Training is an expertise in giving Front End Developer Online Training from India with a wide range of front end technologies. This Front End Developer Online Training from India course covers includes Advanced JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript, Angular JS, React JS, and much more. We are passionate about training and trying to update front end technologies for both beginners to advanced developers. Our trainers are worked in various top-notch companies like Apple, Linked In, and Deloitte.

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Our mode of training will be online and interactive classes conducted by trainers. Learn from our expert trainers and explore knowledge on front end technologies. The way of our training approach will be 70% practical and 30% theoretical. Our trainers are assigned hands-on projects during training. If you are complete those assignments in time, we will create an online portfolio for you. This portfolio will very helpful during a job search.

Make sure during training you have to finish our assigned projects example Static Website (1), Responsive templates (2), JavaScript components (3), Single Page Applications (3), Mobile Apps (2) using Angular JS, React JS, Node JS, Bootstrap, and SASS.

Course Highlights

Explore our Front End technologies and get expertise on each. Our one package covers 25 courses on UI technologies. Each topic we will explain with real time scenario. After completion of each course, we will take you mock interviews & quizzes.

One Package=25 Front End Technologies
  • HTML 4
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 2
  • CSS 3
  • SASS
  • LESS
  • JavaScript
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Design Patterns
  • ES6
  • TypeScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • AJAX
  • JSON
  • Angular JS 1
  • Angular JS 2
  • React JS
  • Node JS
  • Express JS
  • Gulp
  • Bower
  • Yeoman
  • Git
Why We Are?
  1. Placed more than 200+ front end developers
  2. Placement assistance in top-notch companies
  3. Student Portfolio
  4. Our students are working in Apple, Microsoft, Infosys, IBM, and much more.
  5. Our training approach will be 70% Practical, 30% Theory
Benefits with us
  1. Material - Pdf
  2. Examples - Zip
  3. Videos - High Quality
  4. Portfolio - Domain (www.yourname.com), that will be charged
  5. Hands-on Projects - Assigned by trainers
  6. Interview Questions - 100+
  7. Resume Preparation
  8. Mock Interviews
  9. Agile, Scrum, Waterfall methods - Bonus
Front End Developer Course Content

In HTML 4 you will learn important concepts like doctypes, tags, attributes, entities, list, forms, anchors, tables, and meta tags. Along with these we also guide you how to create Wireframes, HTML prototypes, structuring layout.

What you will know after HTML 4 course complete?
  1. You can able to create plan websites for Web & Mobile
  2. You will know how to create Wireframes
  3. Using HTML4 how to create quick prototypes

HTML5 the one framework dominated Web and Mobile. Our HTML5 training starts with the difference between HTML4 and HTML5, then we start about Semantic tags, new API's, Attributes, Events, and one hands-on project using HTML5 APIs.

HTML5 after complete?
  1. You learn how to create Offline Database Applications
  2. Importance of WebSockets, WebWorkers, and Geolocations
  3. HTML5 how works in old browsers
  4. Create Game applications, SVG icons
CSS 2/3

You will learn modular CSS, semantic CSS, Specificity, Reset, and core concepts of CSS like positions, tables, pseudo classes, how to create a static template, fluid, responsive, and mobile specific template. Our training starts with CSS2 basics then we moved to CSS3 we will explain practically how to create The Web, Responsive, and Mobile applications.

CSS 2/3 after complete?
  1. You are ready to convert any kind of template no matter its web or mobile
  2. create your own beautiful mobile apps
  3. Stunning Animations
  4. Mobile specific apps
  5. Responsive Applications

SASS, LESS these are one of CSS frameworks. You should be familiar with one of these. For SASS you should install Ruby on your OS. For LESS you should include JavaScript dependency file. You will learn how to create Modular, Reusable CSS using SASS or LESS. You will come to know how to write semantic UI and much more.

SASS / LESS after complete?
  1. Able to write Semantic CSS
  2. Able to write Modular CSS
  3. Able to write Object Oriented CSS
  4. How it works on Ruby
JavaScript, Object Oriented JavaScript, Design Patterns

JavaScript is client side scripting language. Using JavaScript you can create beautiful animations, games, dashboard apps, single page applications, validations, rendering services data, and much more. Our JavaScript course starts with fundamentals of JavaScript, Object Oriented JavaScript, and Importance of JavaScript Design Patterns.

JavaScript after complete?
  1. Able to write components
  2. Able to write plugins
  3. Able to write slideshows, gallery
  4. Importance of JavaScript Web & Mobile
ES6 / TypeScript

Angular JS, React JS, and some of the JavaScript new frameworks built with ES6 and TypeScript. ES6 come with lots of JavaScript enhancements includes classes, private, public, minifying scripts and lot more. This ES6, TypeScript we cover importance of ES6, TypeScript how to convert existing app to ES6 or TypeScript.

ES6/TypeScript after complete?
  1. Angular JS 2 based apps
  2. React JS based apps
JQuery / Bootstrap

Jquery is JavaScript library using Jquery you can create Animations, Games, Validations, DOM manipulation, Rendering Data, and lot more. Our Jquery, bootstrap training covers fundamentals to hands-on experience creating plugins, responsive web bases applications. These two libraries are very important for Front End developers.

Jquery/Bootstrap after complete?
  1. Mobile First Applications
  2. Jquery plugins
  3. Dashboard applications

Using AJAX, JSON its easy to render data from different API's. We will explain to you how to create JSON object, Mock services, Asynchronous, and JSONP.

AJAX/JSON after complete?
  1. Call API using Jquery
  2. Checking Services in Debugging Tools
  3. Rest Client, Postman tools
Angular JS 1/2

Angular JS is developed by Google team. Using Angular JS it's easy to create Single Page Applications. Angular JS is MVC, MVVM pattern-based architecture. Our Angular JS covers version 1 and version 2. We explain in-depth about directives, filters, services, dependency injections, and optimizing Angular JS apps.

Angular 1/2 after complete?
  1. Able to create Single Page Application
  2. Able to cr eate Dashbaord Applications
  3. Able to create MEAN stock
React JS

React JS is developed by Facebook team. Using React JS it's easy to create Single Page Applications and Virtual DOM. React JS is component based architecture.

React after complete?
  1. Able to create Single Page Application
  2. Able to cr eate Dashbaord Applications
Web Pack : Node JS, Express JS, Gulp, Bower, Yeoman

Node JS is server side script language. This section covers how to create Single Page Applications using Node JS, Gulp, Bower, Yeoman. You can learn how to create your own RESTFul APIs using Express JS.

WebPack after complete?
  1. Able to create Single Page Application using Node JS
  2. Accessing Node JS, Express JS components